Encourage Conversation

People usually turn to social media for interaction and entertainment; these are major reasons as to why people visit social media. Information has however come out strongly in the recent past as another reason as to why people frequent social media. This then means that if you are looking for free likes and free followers, you have to be able to promote these three things on your social media pages.

It is important that you keep updating content on your pages, content that will not only inform but entertain. This should be done continuously so that people can be sure that they will never miss something good when they visit your page. Do not consume all the power; give other people a chance to say what they think and how they feel about certain topics. Simply put, encourage conversation. Encourage forums where people discuss various topics. You can do this by for example posting photos and captioning them with a question, updating your status with a controversial topic of something that is happening in the world, posting harsh tags of trending topics on your timeline among many other things. Ensure that you are always available to continue the conversation once it picks up; do not just start it and then disappear.

Propagate Your Music further With Soundcloud Plays

Do you have a passion for music? If yes, perhaps your biggest worry is usually how exactly you are going to get your music out there for many people to listen to it. This does not have to be a problem for you anymore. Courtesy of the great strides that the field of technology has made, you can now publicize your music via a social media platform known as soundcloud. The software was created to help musicians and those aspiring to become musicians also to share their music to the world in a bid to develop their music abilities.

On joining soundcloud, it is very important that you get to put a couple of notes into consideration. Having a large number of soundcloud plays is very paramount. This means that you have a very wide social circle to increase the range within which your music is accessible to people for your play counts to add on considerably.  When your soundcloud plays are high, it gives other soundcloud users the notion that your music is really good and more people would also want to listen to it. In so doing, at the end of the day you find that your audience is extensive of course meaning that your music content is proliferated.